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  • Oral Health
    At every appointment veterinarians check teeth and oral health. It’s a HUGE part of your pet’s overall health. More than 70% of cats over 3 years of age and >80% Read more
  • Leaving Your Pet in a Boarding Facility
    Leaving your pet in a boarding facility can be stressful for both you and your pet; whether it’s your first time or not. Here are some tips to think about Read more
  • The Pet Hospital is celebrating its two year anniversary of being feline friendly!
    The Pet Hospital and our veterinarians, are members of The American Association of Feline Practitioners. What does this mean for you and your feline friends? When you enter The Pet Read more
  • Why does my veterinarian recommend annual blood work and/or urine testing?
    Have you recently been in to the veterinarian for an annual exam or vaccine appointment and been asked about annual blood work/urine testing? As your pet ages, and at a much Read more
  • First Aid Kits for Pets
    Accidents happen and often when you least expect it. Having a pet first aid kit can prevent a stressful situation for you and your pet.Several companies offer pre-made pet first Read more
  • Keeping Summer Cool
    Long warm summer days are upon us! It’s a beautiful time of year to be outdoors and active especially with our pets. While we all love the summer months, we Read more
  • Summer Travel Plans
    Do you have plans to travel with or without your pet? Inside or outside of Canada? Travelling (internationally) with your pets can be fun and exciting. There are some important Read more
  • Cannabis and Veterinary Care
    A few months have passed since legalization of cannabis in Canada and the buzz in veterinary clinics is rising. CBD, cannabinoid, THC, hemp…. The list goes on and on so Read more
  • Tick Talk
    It’s March and that means spring and warmer weather is around the corner (although it does not feel that way right now!). March is national tick awareness month in Canada, Read more
  • Tips to keep your pet's weight in-check over winter
    Happy New Year! 2019 is in full swing and with that comes New Year's resolutions. Many of us start the new year fresh vowing to lose weight, be more active, and Read more