End of Life Care

There comes a time in the life of every pet when a decision must be made to say goodbye. The decision is difficult but necessary.

Euthanasia provides a peaceful end for a pet who would otherwise continue to suffer. Providing your pet with a humane and gentle death is the final gift you can give them. Our process is respectful, and painless. We will take the time to explain everything fully and provide as much time as you need. Our private Compassion Room is quiet, with comfortable furnishings, and a separate exit from the hospital. Your pet is able to spend their last moments wherever they’re most comfortable – on a soft foam bed, or in your arms.

There are several choices for aftercare, and a variety of options to memorialize your beloved pet. Our staff are compassionate and supportive throughout this difficult time. Thank you for trusting us with such an important relationship in your life.

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