Our well-equipped lab enables us to do in-house diagnostic testing. Our blood-cell count and chemistry machines, along with our microscope, allow us to take a closer look at our patients. The ability to add more extensive information to the physical examination is an important diagnostic tool for our veterinarians.

When we are presented with a sick animal, or an emergency case, testing on-site plays a vital role in the treatment plan. Doing blood and urine analysis in our lab can quickly give answers to our doctors when they need to start treatment immediately.

Routine testing, such as pre-anesthetic or annual wellness blood work, is done here in our lab. We can do fecal testing for parasites, analyse urine samples, and look at samples of swabs from things like ear infections in your pets. For more complex tests, we access external laboratories.

A pre anesthetic wellness screen is a valuable tool to evaluate the internal health of your pet prior to performing procedures that require anesthesia. Many diseases cannot be detected on a physical exam, and without screening these diseases remain silent. Using our in-house laboratory we are able to analyze a blood sample for values that may indicate impairment in the function of your pet’s liver, kidney, or pancreas. We can also ensure there is no infection, anemia or electrolyte imbalance. If a problem is identified, we have likely caught it early and can make appropriate treatment recommendations at a point when treatment will make the most difference. In some cases, anesthesia may need to be altered or delayed for the safety of your pet. Click here for more information about Pre-Anesthetic Blood Screening


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