For your convenience, The Pet Hospital offers a fully stocked, on-site pharmacy with a wide range of veterinary medications and parasite prevention products. Special order medications can often be sourced within 24 hours. Medications can also be compounded at an off-site pharmacy into different flavours, chews or liquid which makes them easier to give.

When your pet receives a diagnosis, it is understandable to want to access those prescriptions right away. Our focus is on providing the correct treatment or medication in a timely manner, while offering pet owners convenient options for purchase at competitive prices. We are also able to provide instructions and help for giving medicine to even the most challenging pets.

  • For prescription refills over the phone, please call our office in advance, and we will have your pet’s in-stock medication ready for your arrival.

Your refill request will be entered into your pet’s medical record. This is important in managing your pet’s health, and maintaining accuracy of his or her medication history. It also reduces the risk of accidental drug interactions.

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