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Did you know The Pet Hospital is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners?
After an in-depth application process involving assessment of our clinic and staff training, we achieved our Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice status in 2017.

There is a growing need to improve the health care and overall well-being of the feline population. Whether it's a routine checkup or a special visit the staff at The Pet Hospital are committed to ensuring that cats get the best care.

When you enter The Pet Hospital, you will notice we have a separate waiting area and examination room specifically for our feline patients. Feliway, a stress reducing pheromone, is used in all feline areas of the clinic. We also have a separate room in the treatment area where medical procedures can be performed away from dogs and the business of the clinic treatment room. If your cat needs to be hospitalized or just staying the night after a spay or neuter, we have a dedicated feline hospitalization ward.

Each of the above clinic features reduces the stress your cat experiences while at the clinic. In addition, our staff have learned how to understand the needs of the cat such as how to interpret a cat's facial expressions and body language. Furthermore, staff are well trained in alternate techniques to calm an anxious cat and ensure that examinations and procedures do not escalate anxiety.
To keep current on feline medicine, medical staff at The Pet Hospital must attend 30 hours of feline exclusive continuing education every 2 years.

Our goal as a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice is to make sure your visit with your feline companion is as stress-free and relaxed as possible by providing you with ways to reduce stress before, during, and after your appointment.  We can proudly say that from the minute you walk into the clinic our patients and clients will be part of a welcoming, comfortable experience that will ultimately lead to the improved health of our feline patients.

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