The Pet Hospital is celebrating its two year anniversary of being feline friendly!

The Pet Hospital and our veterinarians, are members of The American Association of Feline Practitioners. What does this mean for you and your feline friends? When you enter The Pet Hospital, you will notice relaxing ambient music, a separate feline waiting area, two off the floor surfaces for your cat carrier, as well as an examination room specifically for cats which continually has Feliway defusing. We also have a separate room in the treatment area of our clinic for all your cats’ medical procedures. These clinic features help to reduce the stress your cat experiences while at the clinic.

Our goal as a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice is to make sure your visit with your feline companion is as stress-free and relaxed as possible by providing you with ways to reduce your cat’s stress before, during, and after your appointment. Our team at The Pet Hospital is highly trained in handling cats in a gentle and empathetic manner.

One of our veterinarians attends a feline practitioner’s conference every two years to keep up to date on the newest advances in feline medicine. Dr. Jessica terBorgh attended the feline conference in Charlotte, North Carolina last October where the focus was on advancements in care of senior and geriatric cats as well as emergency feline medicine.

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