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Summer Travel Plans

Do you have plans to travel with or without your pet? Inside or outside of Canada? Travelling (internationally) with your pets can be fun and exciting. There are some important steps to take to ensure your travel is stress free for both you and your pets.

1. Rabies Vaccine Certificate

          - When travelling internationally you must have an up to date rabies vaccine that has been administered by a licensed veterinarian and a certificate to prove the vaccination has been performed. The veterinarian’s signature is also required on the certificate.

          - Research the country you are travelling to. Each country has different specifications for when rabies must be done by. For example, some countries might require that you have the rabies vaccine given within 30 days of travel while others say you must have it within 7 days.

2. International Health Certificate

-Research is advised for where you are travelling. Most countries require a health certificate from a health exam that was completed by a veterinarian. The most common time frame is within 10 days of travel.

-An animal must be deemed healthy by a veterinarian in order to travel.

- A signed International Health Certificate by a licensed Veterinarian is often required, as well as other documentation depending on where you are travelling.

3. Deworming, Flea/Tick and Heartworm Prevention

- Some countries require you to have dewormed your pet before travel. Please research your specific country before travelling.

- Even if you are travelling in Canada, Flea, Tick and Heartworm prevention is recommended.

4. Paperwork

- There are country-specific documents that you need to have a veterinarian fill out prior to travel.

- Visit the CFIA’s (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) website to see the forms you need to fill out.

- Plan ahead! An appointment needs to be made with a CFIA veterinarian to sign the documents and within a specified time frame prior to travel (usually 10 days).

5. How are you travelling?

- If you are travelling by plane, make sure that you have called the airline for their travel specifications for pets. Airlines generally require a (International) Health Certificate and a Vaccination Certificate in order for your pet to board.

Traveling without your pet?

If your pet is staying at a kennel, do confirm with the kennel what vaccinations are needed for your pet’s stay. Most kennels require vaccinations to be given 10-14 days prior to your pet’s stay and a current vaccination certificate is needed. If your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and a health exam is not needed, we are happy to email you a copy of your pet’s vaccination certificate! Kennels also often require parasite prevention, double check prior to your pet’s stay!

If your pet is staying at a friend’s place, do make sure to notify your veterinary clinic. Veterinary clinics require written consent from the owner of the pet to do any medical treatment!

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